The Smooth Fox Terrier loves life and is usually on the go and often into things. Active and inquisitive, their hunting instincts can get them in trouble. They are very smart dogs, they need a lot of attention, care and plenty of love and understanding. It helps to have a good sense of humor when living with a Smooth Fox Terrier.

They are about 15in. to 18in. measured to the shoulder and approximately 15 to 23 pounds in weight.

Although they are lap sized, in their hearts they are much larger. They are friendly and outgoing with almost everyone they meet. On the other side, they can and often are aggressive to other dogs – in fact with most other animals of any size. Individuals can vary quite a bit in temperament, due to heredity and upbringing. Very rarely is a Smooth Fox Terrier aggressive to people. Smooth Fox Terriers can make wonderful family dogs.

They usually like children, however, we only recommend them with children 7 years and older. They are active and strong enough to keep up with them.

A Smooth should always be kept in a securely fenced yard or on a leash when being walked. No dog should ever be allowed to run loose.

The Smooth’s fun-loving nature would most assuredly get him into trouble if left to his own devices. They are an easy care dog and only need to be brushed and bathed. As with all dogs, toenails and ear cleaning should also be done on a regular basis. Be sure to see your vet if there is any sign of ear infection. The Smooth usually lives a long and healthy life. Many live to be 15 or more years old. They are generally very hardy and do not have any major heredity problems.

They are strong and seldom get sick when you use sensible precautions. Annual veterinary check-ups are always recommended for every pet..

Smooth Fox Terriers were bred to be hunters of small game. Their instinct is to work alone without man’s guidance. They do not have a strong will to do man’s bidding. They love to be with us, but do not need our constant approval as many breeds do. They are very catlike in this manner. They can be trained and are quick to pick up new things. Training needs to be fun and positive. They do not respond to negative treatment.

All puppies are cute. They are so new and innocent. They are also a challenge to raise properly. Up until they are six months old they have puppy teeth that are very sharp and can cause some real damage. They also take some time to house train. They need lots of attention and should be in a home that has someone home most of the day.

The adult dog is past all this. He may be already house trained, and used to walking on a leash. He will be more settled in.

The Smooth is a Puppy until he is 2 years old. From 1 to 2 years consider him a teenager! There are advantages to both the puppy and the adult. Take both into consideration when you start looking for a Smooth Fox Terrier. The Smooth is a smart, high energy dog.

They are friendly and curious and tend to be into things. Like a bright child they are great fun, but also a challenge to live with. The Smooth requires a lot of attention from it’s people and needs to be a part of the family. They want to be with you wherever you are, whatever you are doing. They are great couch and bed dogs. The Smooth Fox Terrier is predominately white with either tan markings or black and tan markings.