My association with Airedales began when I was a young child  in England, when I saw what I thought was an animated Teddy Bear, only when 'it' got closer that I said to my friend, "That's an Airedale and I want one when I grow up".  It took many years and a few thousand miles before I achieved my goal, as I was more into horses then.

My first Airedale was a wedding present from a lady that I worked for he was DULWICH MAJOR, bred by Eve Griggs (Dulwich Airedales) since then I acquired a few more from Eve, Ch: DULWICH TEMPO OF BUXTON,  CH: DULWICH MELODY OF BUXTON, and CH: DULWICH ACCOMPANIMENT OF BUXTON.

For the show scene I was thrown in at the deep end so to speak, was sent by Eve on a "Coaster" (a smallish ship that calls at many of the ports along the South African Coastline) along with two of her Airedales.  DULWICH JADE AND DULWICH DUET.  

Over the many years I have been "In Dogs" I have managed to import three Airedales, the first was from Molly Harmsworth of the BENGAL Airedales, she was CH: BENGAL LA REYNE OF BUXTON, The second was from Anne & Ron Sorraghan of OLD IRON in Australia.  He was CH" OLD IRON G'DAY BUXTON.  Finally I did a "Puppy Swop" with Terry Stevens in USA., I sent her BUXTON SURFIN' U.S.A. (Mojo) and she sent me CH: BLACKHEATH SUNDANCE KIDD AT BUXTON (Sonny), who is still with me at the age of 12.

My greatest achievement on the "Airedale World" was to breed CH & INT CH: BUXTON I GET AROUND WITH KAIKOURA  (Angus)  He was the Top Dog All Breeds in South Africa in 2005. 

Smooth Fox Terriers were added to the Airedales in 2002, with the addition of  CH:STONECOURT SILENT KNIGHT OF BUXTON, who was a birthday present to my late husband.  

I now have a young boy MARIEDES POLARIS IN ORBIT OF BUXTON (Rasta) whilst being a bit if a hooligan is as loveable as any I have met up with.  MARIEDES POLLYANNA  (Polly) has joined her half brother, and will be seen inthe showring in 2015.

Pomeranians have always been close to my heart, I love their little characters, wonderful temperaments and definite showability.  I acquired my first two in 2006 and they are still with me SILVERGLOW MALINDA MAY OF BUXTON (Duster) and EBERDENE NO NO NANETTE OF BUXTON (Smokey) Duster was bought for my late husband's birthday that year, and she was the love of his life, and where-ever he went Duster was sure to follow.

Duster and Smokey have been joined by Duster's sister SILVERGLOW HEAVENLY PEARL OF BUXTON and more recently by LAUETTE MIDNIGHT XPRESS (Magic Man) he is the G.G. grandson of Smokey.  We also have POMELENE SHARP SURFER OF BUXTON (Murphy) who is a lovely cream colour, even if he is a bit of a "Motor Mouth" we still love him.

From the current litters of puppies we are keeping BUXTON PAINTED PONY (Penny) she will be joining the 'show team' for 2015.

My biggest success to date with Pomeranians is that of CH: BUXTON DANCING MASTER OF SILVERGLOW, he has done some very good winning over the past couple of years, with placings in the Toy Group. 

We have ventured into another Terrier Breed, which I have long admired, but unable to accommodate, this being the Kerry Blue Terrier.  We have ERINDEL STEP N OUT WITH BUXTON (Jaime) and we thank Margaret O'Carroll for entrusting us with this lovely boy.

Jaime has done very well in the few shows he has attended, including Best Baby Puppy in Group, and placements in the Terrier Puppy Group.  We have high hopes for this young lad in 2015.

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