The Pomeranian is classified as a "Toy Dog" whose main function is that of a companion, but is also an excellent watchdog, who will certainly let you know when someone is at the door.  

They adapt well to living in small spaces, but do appreciate a walk and a run off lead if at all possible.   They get on well with other dogs and also cats, they are playful, they love to be cuddled and talked to.  

Pomeranians come in a variety of colours,  Orange, Red, White, Cream, Black, Brown, Blue, Beaver, Black & Tan.   Then there are the sables, which means that there are black/brown tips to the coat.   Wolf Sable (rather like a Keeshond colour) is not easy to come by.  

There are also "Parti-Colours"  (Not Party)  

At around 4-5 months old the Pom starts to change his coat, and goes through what we call "The Uglies", he must be brushed regularly to prevent the coat matting and to get rid of the coat that is being shed.   He should be brushed at least once a week afterwards, a straight pin brush (no knobs on the end of the pins) brush towards his head, and the same with his tummy, a wide toothed comb is also a help it gets rid of loose hair that the brush leaves behind.   His nails also need to be clipped, but be very careful not to cut into the quick (you know how THAT hurts) and his feet should be kept trimmed tidily, so that he doesnt look as though he still has his slippers on.  

Poms are subject to HYPOGLYCEMIA, which means a lack of sugar, they can go into a coma and die very quickly.  I always leave a small bowl of cubes down for them to nibble on when they become hungry.  But often they 'forget' to eat, and they should be offered food regularly.  I also put powdered glucose in their water, which alleviates this.  

Children need to be educated into how to treat puppies, they are BABIES, and should be treated as such, and not carried around like one of their toys.   Provide a crate for your Pom to go into to sleep when he is tired, this is also ideal when you want to travel with your Pom, he will already be used to being inside, it will become HIS castle.  

All my Poms live indoors with me, and actually sleep on my bed, the puppies are born in my bedroom, and when about 4 weeks graduate to the lounge/kitchen area so they can get used to the other dogs, and general noises that occur in a house.

Below are some of the Pomeranian Colours available.